Author: Matt Baker

Author: Matt Baker

Video Demo

Here's a video demo I put together from narration and promo spots I did.  

One-Minute Matt

Another new demo, this one a melange of a bunch of styles. Again, click the red letters. 1-Minute Matt K Baker

New Commercial Demo

While trapped in the Snowpocalypse, I tried to be productive and made a new commercial demo. Enjoy! Just click on the red letters to play. Commercial-Matt K Baker

Happy 2010!

Hi there! If I haven’t had the opportunity to personally wish you a Happy New Year, my apologies and, more importantly, Happy New Year! 2009 is behind us (and not soon enough!) and 2010 is shaping up to be a very good year! • I just signed a new 3-year...

Ford Ad

Produced by my friends at Big Picture (

I Did It!

Did what? Rode my shiny red bike 100 miles in the Seagull Century Ride out in Salisbury, Maryland. Yes, to answer your next question, a little saddle sore… I also relaunched my website,! I built it using Wordpress, so I’m still tweaking it. I’ll be posting more samples of...

I did what?

It’s not the end of the world—in fact it’s not even the end of the summer.—Bowling for Soup Well, OK, it IS the end of the summer, but look on the bright side: we’ve eight months to plan our next summer vacation! But it does mean back to work. And...

Whaddya think?

Did this in Word Press. Still working on tweaking the look. Not bad so far.

Promo Demo



Matt Baker here, and welcome to my piece of unreal estate. My voice can be heard nightly on theDiscovery Channel, BBC America, Animal Planet, TLC, and on, and on! If you have a radio or an Internet connection, you can hear me on stations across the globe. Speaking for myself, I just can't get...