Another new demo, this one a melange of a bunch of styles. Again, click the red letters.

      1-Minute Matt K Baker

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While trapped in the Snowpocalypse, I tried to be productive and made a new commercial demo. Enjoy! Just click on the red letters to play.

      Commercial-Matt K Baker

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Hi there!
If I haven’t had the opportunity to personally wish you a Happy New Year, my apologies and, more importantly, Happy New Year! 2009 is behind us (and not soon enough!) and 2010 is shaping up to be a very good year!

• I just signed a new 3-year contract with Atlas Talent to represent me! Yeah, I know: I’m more surprised than you are. But don’t fault them for their lack of judgment—the rest of their clients really have talent and Lisa, Hoss, Jonn, Meredith, Heather, Tim, Carli, and Amanda (sorry if I forgot someone) really are great people! And they are opening a new office in L.A. this year, which is great and makes me bicoastal! Atlas’ website is

• I also renewed my contract with Discovery Communications to continue doing their billboards. This makes it 8 years running! You can hear my voice on all their networks (TLC, Planet Green, Military Channel, etc.), and I am told even in Australia and the UK!

• ICS Learning Group ( hired me for a project to be the intelligent, reasonable voice that provides policy and procedural dos and don’ts for one of their clients.

• In a remarkable act of ventriloquism, I provided an instructional voice for Multimedia Instructional Design ( over in the UK. OK, we just used the Internet, but still . . .

• My friends at Big Picture ( are using me for the voice of Cowles Ford! I love doing hard-sell car ads! I’ve posted a few on my website for you to peruse.

• SRI, formerly the Stanford Research Institute, hired me to be the voice of their new geospatial mapping technology. Pretty cool stuff, with a lot more applications than you’d think! Check them out at!

• And if you need a female VO, check out my friend Jan Johns ( Not only does she do great straight reads, but she does awesome characters as well!

Well, that’s all for now! JJ Surma (another VO) and I are putting together a VO geek podcast, so look for that in February (if you’re into that sort of thing). And I have an exciting animation project I am working on! Can’t wait to share the news about that!

Stay warm and keep moving

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Produced by my friends at Big Picture (

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Did what? Rode my shiny red bike 100 miles in the Seagull Century Ride out in Salisbury, Maryland. Yes, to answer your next question, a little saddle sore…

I also relaunched my website,! I built it using WordPress, so I’m still tweaking it. I’ll be posting more samples of my work and some studio pictures and whatever else I can think of that might be relevant.

I just voice a project that will pay tribute to military personnel who have won the Medal of Honor. It will be featured in permanent display at the new Army Museum at Fort Belvoir, Virginia (coincidently, where I was born). I’m always ready to pay tribute to our servicemen and –women, being a former Marine myself. When I get some examples, I’ll post them.

The fall season is in full swing! The number of billboards I’m voicing for Discovery Channel, Planet Green, Investigation Discovery, TLC, etc., is climbing! I love it!

For my friends at Big Picture (, I narrated a piece for Operation Lifesaver, reminding people to be aware when they drive. Earlier in the year, I actually got in front of a camera and played a trucker for this project. I’ll post some video on my site soon.

I also had a chance to read the Preamble for the Constitution for a client. At first, I couldn’t get the Schoolhouse Rock sound out of my head. Then I started channeling William Shatner from an episode of Star Trek where he read it. Let’s just say it took a while to get it right!

And much to the chagrin of my wife, I figured out how to get my voice to come out of her TomTom GPS. Now she’ll never escape! Bwah-ha-ha!

My dad always said, if you want something, you have to ask. So, I’m asking: Any voiceover work I can help you with?

Have a great and not-too-spooky autumn!

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It’s not the end of the world—in fact it’s not even the end of the summer.—Bowling for Soup

Well, OK, it IS the end of the summer, but look on the bright side: we’ve eight months to plan our next summer vacation! But it does mean back to work. And I’ve been hard at work on a new narration demo, showcasing some of the newer stuff I’ve done. 

      Check it out here

And I’m preparing to record a 13-part series airing on ESPN in the spring (when you’ll be just about ready to jump in the pool again!).  Untitled as of yet, but I’ll keep you in the loop.

Also, I can be heard on promos for the Baltimore Ravens games for the Mid Atlantic Sports Network (MASN).

And it’s not all seriousness. I played the crazy narrator on the Mennonite Minute series on YouTube. Check out an episode here.

Plus, just about to launch an updated look to the website! Included on that will be my new eLearning and IVR demos. Keep an eye out

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to my new friends, Ed LaComb and his crew over at Digital Sound and Video in Ormond Beach, Florida. They hooked me up when I needed an ISDN-capable studio to record from during some emergency family travel. So if you get a chance, make sure to say Hi to them.

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Did this in Word Press. Still working on tweaking the look. Not bad so far.

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Matt Baker here, and welcome to my piece of unreal estate. My voice can be heard nightly on theDiscovery ChannelBBC AmericaAnimal PlanetTLC, and on, and on! If you have a radio or an Internet connection, you can hear me on stations across the globe.

Speaking for myself, I just can’t get enough of my voice.  And I hope that’s why you’re here: To get some of my voice.

As you will hear by clicking on the little icons on the left, I can voice everything from the very serious to the very silly (and all those things in between)! Accents? No problemo! Authoritative? I was in the Marines. Hard sell? Call me now! Soft sell? Call me now, please.Political figures? Close and a cigar! Celebrities? It’s show time! A producer I work with at the Discovery Channel characterizes my promo voice as an “approachable bad-ass.”

Take a listen and then give me a call or drop me an email. My contact information can be found by clicking on the Contact link.

I hope to hear from you soon! Have fun and all the best!

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