Last summer, my awesome wife switched jobs after more than two decades. Normally, we train together for endurance events throughout the summer and compete in the early fall. Triathlons, half-marathons, century rides--sports that require lean muscle and more cardio. But with the new job came an uncertain schedule, so we...


I appeared on the podcast "eMediaChat" and discussed Voiceovers.

Tri like Hell!

With waves pounding as hard and fast as explosions in a Stallone flick, I jumped into the Atlantic and took nearly 5 minutes to swim out 50 meters! A friend of mine wasn't so lucky: he got slammed into another swimmer and broke his nose and wrenched his shoulder. My...

Ride along

Sometimes, being a narrator for a cool show has its perks! To wit: my family and I got to ride along with the US Coast Guard! It was fantastic! And educational. Old Marine that I am, I was impressed by the other "Semper" service.


The world is fast becoming more transient and less pinned down. To wit: I have an iPad that will make recording voice overs while traveling much simpler.

A Horse is a horse?

Of course it is. I drew this picture the other day because I really haven't had any experience drawing animals. To be fair, I drew it from a calendar of horses. I liked the composition and the horse. So in a real sense, I didn't do any of the heavy...

It’s a new blog

Just testing. Here's a cat


As you can see by the picture, it was a balmy 7 degrees F when I got up this morning. Besides coffee, I had a gig waiting from a client in Australia and one from a client in Ireland. Yesterday I narrated a commercial for a client in Israel--all from...


Where will this appear