I bought this #seiko divers watch when I joined the #marines. It had a more practical thick black band then. And we had such amazing #adventures! Above the #arcticcircle and below the #mediterraneansea; hanging from a SPIE rig a mile or more off the ground; through a dozen or more countries! I continued to wear it when I returned to civilian life. Until one day 😢the seal inside corroded and let water in while swimming with my 9-month-old son in #Scotland in February. I took it to a watchmaker, who said it couldn’t be fixed because of the water damage. So, unwilling to just throw it away, I put it in a drawer. Flash forward to last week. Cleaning out the drawer and found the watch. On a whim, took it to a #watchmaker who was not hopeful. When she replaced the battery, the second hand started moving! “It’s alive!” She then had it sealed so I could swim with it. Now I’m looking forward to new adventures with it strapped to my wrist! #adventurevo @seikowatchofficial #jeep

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