Of course it is. I drew this picture the other day because I really haven’t had any experience drawing animals. To be fair, I drew it from a calendar of horses. I liked the composition and the horse. So in a real sense, I didn’t do any of the heavy lifting. The photographer did most of it in this case. Selected a subject, lightning, position, background (which I didn’t draw), size in the frame, etc. As I was drawing, a light went off. It occurred to me by analogy. I recall someone saying that most popular literature today isn’t crafted by great writers, who can deftly turn phrases and use the English language to its full expression. Most popular books are by people whose talents are in storytelling. The mechanics of their writing may not be perfect, but it all comes together to create something engaging. In the arena of comicbook drawing (which I aspired to be a member of in my youth), the design of the page (or how the story is told) can overcome a lot of lacking talent in actual drawing of figures and scenery (Rob Liefeld springs to mind). And so, I think it is true in just about any field. How you as the artist make the decisions to tell the story is probably the most important thing. I’ve heard it said that a great voiceover talent can make the phonebook sound great (though I’ve never heard it done), and I think that’s true. Though I have to say, good writing can make the VO talent’s job a lot easier. But as long as the story is successful, as long
as it all comes together, then a lot can be forgiven in the parts and their contribution to the sum.

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