You worked hard on your message. Now it’s time to get the word out and startenlightning” your audience! Matt K Baker’s voice is heard every day on Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, Travel Channel, BBC America, Reelz, TLC, and Pandora Radio, as well as in explainer videos, elearning modules, and commercials.  From his studio near Washington, DC, Matt is able to turn projects around lightning fast for clients all across the globe! He can be directed through phone patch, Skype, Source-Connect, or ISDN, if you wish, and can deliver in your preferred audio format. Auditions are always free. Available for scratches and bookings, or just to kick some ideas around.

      Network Promo Demo - Matt K Baker
      Rock Imaging - Matt K Baker
      Matt K Baker Commercial
      Matt K Baker Adventure VO
      Matt K Baker - Elearning


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